How To Match Your Sapphire Earrings To Your Hairstyle!

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Hairstyle Variations

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably serious about your overall image. While most women care about their appearance, and, of course, making an impression, relatively few are so meticulous that they are determined to make their whole package work for them.

When you consider the inevitable possibilities on the shoe rack, the closet (and all of it’s layers), the accessories drawers and the jewelry cabinets, it’s surprising some women make it out of the front door! And, when you decide to lift your sapphire earrings from its velvety tray, you want to be prepared, from head to toe.

While you have a great deal of freedom to chop and change your clothes, you may be more limited with your hairstyle, so these few pointers may help you make the most of your earrings, and enhance your look.

The variations are endless, so there is a bit of figuring out you have to do for yourself. It appears that we combine our busy lives like the colors of the highlights in our hair, and distinctions have become less clear.

Still, there are some modes that deserve some thought. Are you dressing up in formal wear or is this a decision about what to wear to work, or maybe coffee with friends?

Is this a morning, daytime or evening engagement. Are you looking to make a punchy first impression, or is the atmosphere casual and familiar? These are subtle but important distinctions that assist in making some of the decisions in front of the mirror that will sustain you throughout the day.



The key to your look above the neck is coordination. This is the area of your body that is probably making your first impression, so you do not want to disappoint. You want to captivate and hold the attention of all around you, without having to say a single word.

Similarly, this is the area that is “attracting the gaze, or gazes, during conversation”, and you want to maintain control over what your audience is seeing, thinking about you and, ultimately, how they respond to you.

Some individuals hold the attention of their audience in close conversation with their every word. Others do so just by being themselves. Your sapphire earrings should not clash with your hairstyle. Instead, the two should work hand in hand to silently accomplish these objectives for you.

First, consider the style of your sapphire earrings. Most women would have one set of sapphires only, which would limit them before they start, so be aware of what you are able to accomplish with what you have. The style of your earrings will help determine the hairstyle that will probably work best.


Dangling Sapphire Earrings

Dangling Earrings

So, for example, if you have your sapphires at the end of dangling earrings, then you do not want your dangling hair to compete with your earring, or, worse still, get entangled in them! Wearing your hair in an up style, enough to clear the earrings, will do the trick. It will have the added benefit of being visible. If you own classic, blue sapphire earrings, nothing could be more attractive!

Similarly, if you have short, or cropped hair, well clear of your ears, and you’re off to purchase a set of sapphire earrings, consider teardrops or dangles. It stands to reason that long, flowing locks will best form the backdrop for clusters or similar.

Secondly, color is clearly important. When you consider how many options of colors a woman has to choose items of clothing or accessories for, you start to understand the impact of color.

Sapphire earrings come in many, many different hues, and it is foolhardy to go through all the effort of choosing an elegant pair, and having the perfect hairstyle, only to make a hash of it all be getting the color combination wrong.

Unlike your hair, your sapphires cannot change color! Also, the color issue doesn’t end with selecting the right dye for your stones. Do not forget to consider, probably when first purchasing your earrings, just how much metal is visible to your admirers, and what color that metal is. For example, while classic gold sits well against any shade of hair, white gold may not be ideal for you.


sapphire earrings - chandelier


Hair Color

As for your hair color, if you are blonde, you’re in luck. The classic blue sapphire earrings, instantly recognizable, will sit well against the glimmer of your locks. And, it’s important for you to understand why that is, so that you may apply it elsewhere in the future.

It is not the mere essence of blonde and blue that help to enhance this image, but the contrast between the deep blue sapphire earrings and the shimmering blonde.

If you understand that, then you will also understand that a yellow sapphire, for example, simply will not work against that same blonde background! In fact, it will then start to work against you, creating an undifferentiated and uninteresting focal point of the conversation.

However, fashion has long been eclectic and diverse, so you should guard against being too limited by rules and convention. Sometimes, trying to imitate the stereotype portrayed in fashion magazines and the like only serve to stifle your personal creativity. Well selected colors of highlights will open up new possibilities for your earrings, and allow you to experiment and push some boundaries.


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For example, light strawberry blond highlights in your blonde hair will accentuate the sapphires. If you are a brunette, dark brown copper highlights will make the sapphires come alive! Fiery red hair will make sapphires pop! If your hair is black, it is best to stick with a lighter blue sapphire.

The good news is, that fashion is like the deep blue – seriously, no pun intended – sea: mostly undiscovered. While guidelines like these will help any woman lift her presence by optimizing her combinations of hair, make-up, accessories and fashion, ultimately you should be guided by your personal taste and comfort.

When you feel yourself, you feel confident, and that will be your key to self-assertion. Once you’ve achieved that, and your dazzling sapphire earrings complement your hair and hairstyle in just the right manner, you’re unstoppable!