8 Outfits That Go Well With Silver Sapphire Earrings!

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Silver Sapphire

Those who know and love fashion know there’s more to it than simply throwing on a few things that seem color coordinated. It’s about expressing yourself, saying something, and letting the world know who you are. Discerning men know that there’s a lot that can be learned about a woman by what she wears, and more importantly how she wears it. Today we will be discussing the truly classic and utterly timeless mix of silver and sapphire earrings.

What Does Sapphire Say About You

Sapphire, in its classic and beautiful deep blue hue, is a very strong and eye-catching gemstone. The stone itself carries with it some very distinct meanings. Sapphire conveys wisdom, strength, loyalty and of course royalty. If you look, you’ll find a lot of pictures of princesses, duchesses and queens rocking the silver and sapphire mix, and with good reason.

What Does Silver Say About You

Wearing classic silver is one of those fashion choices that says more about you than most. Silver brings thoughts of a modern, ornate glamour and is often representative of something being high-tech even though it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. There’s a real power there that shows both subtlety and elegance, and that’s a hard mix to pull off.

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Great Blends That Will Leave Them Blinded

Now that we know what you’ll be saying to the world and about yourself when you sport those dazzling silver and sapphire earrings, let’s talk about some great mixes that will always impress and never go out of style. Here are 8 outfits to go with your best piece of ear candy.

#1: That Little Black Dress

Don’t pretend you don’t have one ladies, and if you really don’t… you really should. When you dawn that little black dress you know what you’re trying to say and that is “hey you, come hither.” Keep in mind though that part of the silver-sapphire allure is its elegance. So you don’t want to go with big earrings here. Something like a set of small to medium, mildly adorned spiral bars will say grace and beauty without detracting from the sex appeal. For shoes, all you need is a simple set of tall black heels. Anything too fancy and you’ll lose overall flow of the outfit. It may seem basic, but when you get it right you’ll know.

#2: The Color of Passion

No fashion list would be complete without mentioning the color of deepest passion: RED. Specifically, a deep dark red works beautifully with silver and sapphire earrings. Luckily, red can work with any feel that you’re looking to generate. A long, flowing and preferably backless dress works well with earrings that match the vibe. Remember that even though gold and red can work beautifully as well, you don’t want to mix silver and sapphire with gold as they naturally clash and send very different messages. If you’re looking for something casual or business, all the same rules still apply, only the execution changes. A red blouse with a long black skirt works beautifully with a pair of silver-sapphire studs. Add a stylish large-brim hat and a set of tall black boots and you’ve got a night out with a classy feel.

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#3: Silver on Silver

Some say that too much of the same color in an outfit can be a serious fashion faux-pas and they would be right, but only if you do it wrong. If you are going to try and pull off a silver-sapphire outfit you have to keep it accented enough to not snow-blind your onlookers. A red or black purse with leather and sapphire studded arm bands can be a real head turner if you know how to sell it. Just don’t go all silver-surfer with it.

#4: Going Wild While Staying Classy

If you’re looking to pull off a brilliant summer look then you may want to try an outside the box approach. Silver and sapphire earrings don’t only say classic elegance. In the right situation they can speak of a wild side if you want them to. A summer dress in yellow with some blue accents to match the earrings has a real pop. This is where you can break out your silver-sapphire loops and let them swing as you cruise down the beach-side walk.

#5: Earth, Moon and Stars

One of the beautiful things about the silver sapphire mix is that there’s more versatility then many may think. While some darker earth-tones like brown or dark orange may not vibe, a dark or even a more vibrant green can create a veritable feast for the eyes in the best way. Try silver and sapphire pendant style earrings with a light green dress. Throw in some reds or even light oranges any you’ve got something unique… just don’t overdue it or you’ll wind up going the way of Willy Wonka.

#6: The Great Blue Sea

You can create a vibe that says “classic goddess of the sea” with a mixture of contrasting blues. A light, breezy ocean-blue base with darker accents can go well with silver and sapphire earrings of almost any style. Rock them with a matching bracelet and necklace, and perhaps a green bag for a little pop and you’ll sing of vibrant oceanic style.

#7: Cold and Sassy

The holidays are a great time to break out the silver and sapphire earpieces. Something about the mix has a very winter feel. The sapphire earrings are all the more important here as you’ll usually be covered up. During the winter you’re only really visible from the neck up most of the time. While it may be tempting to go with toned-down blacks or grays, try a coat of silver or red to bring some color to the dull grays so prevalent in the winter months.

#8: The Lady In White

Last, but certainly not least, you have another classic color that can provide the perfect base for the silver-sapphire mix. An outfit of any style with a white base is like a blank canvass for you to add color to, and it’s fairly hard to go wrong. Even with some sparking silver and sapphire earrings, a plain white outfit will leave you with a bland feel that just seems uninspired, and the winters in most places have plenty of white to go around. The great part is you can add almost any mixture of the colors we’ve discussed here in almost any amount and you’ll still come out on top. You definitely don’t want to go tie-dye with it, but an array of blues, reds, green, or light oranges can spice of the cold holidays in short order.