8 Ways To Wear Sapphire Drop Earrings!

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Fashion and style

Fashion and style are concepts that many unfortunately don’t concern themselves with. They wake up in the morning or go out at night and throw on whatever they please. You’ve no doubt seen these folks before as they aren’t particularly hard to miss. Smart dressers always look good but don’t seem to stand out. They blend into the world in a way that isn’t blatant and isn’t especially obvious, and for a business environment, that is usually the best way to go. Never forget though, that what you wear says a lot about you.

Who you are at your core, what you believe, and even how you happen to be feeling on that particular day can all be seen by those that take the time to look. Earrings are an accessory that, oddly enough, can make a very potent statement if you mean for them too. They are often one of the first things that will be noticed beyond your face itself, so making the right choice for the outfit and knowing what statement you intend to make is something that deserves a little extra thought.

A Sapphire Spirit Sapphire is an extremely powerful and meaningful stone that is associated with some very strong concepts. There is a reason that you will see this deeply inspiring stone adorning the crowns of kings, queens and other royalty no matter how far back in time you go. In its traditional stunning deep blue hue, it is said to represent wisdom, loyalty, virtue, good fortune, faithfulness, sincerity and even holy favor.

Needless to say, whenever this stone makes a prominent appearance on a set of earrings, people will have no choice but to take notice.

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What Do Drop Earrings Say About You

Any woman knows that aside from shoes, earrings are perhaps the most beloved, and horded, accessory in their fashion arsenal. Hoops and spirals and chandeliers and dozens of other styles can make it hard to choose what to wear with a certain outfit. However, there is one style that can make more impact in a smaller package than almost any other. The drop earring style, like sapphire, has been seen on celebrities and royalty for centuries, and with good reason.

The distinctive teardrop shape somehow draws attention while remaining soft and beautiful. The curvature makes a parallel to a woman’s cheekbones and jawline in a subtle way that compliments her best facial features. Even with the soft feel and shape that the drop earring brings, it can still convey so much more when worn the right way. So let’s talk about some things you can do to make every ear count. Here’s 8 best ways to wear sapphire drop earrings.

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#1: Classic Silver

The mixture of silver and sapphire is already a potent mix. Combine that with the distinctive drop style and you can make a real impact. Your best bet for an outfit to wear with this combo is something long and elegant. Classic black, silver or a deep red flowing dress will work best here. Silver-sapphire drops will lead the eye downward and create a flow for the eye to follow.

#2: Adorned In Gold

Mixing sapphire and gold is a tougher sell than you’ll face with silver. However that isn’t to say that it can’t be done and done well. Drop earrings can be very subtle or quite the opposite depending on the size. If you’re going to mix gold with a sapphire drop earring, then your best bet is to go big. A lighter sapphire with a rose gold works well with a larger drop and an evening gown. Gold sapphire drops are best saved for a larger event with plenty of light so the whole picture can be captured in all its glorious detail.

#3: Casual Grace

Drop earrings aren’t just for making a splash at a formal affair. You can also take a more casual approach. A summer dress or more casual but classy attire can be brought to a new level with the right set of drop earrings. Nothing gaudy or overly large here though; a simple single drop will be all the accent you need.

#4: The Power Look

There’s a lot of women that have mastered the power look. You’ve no doubt seen them around because they’re especially hard to miss. Powerful business women are the undisputed masters of this look, so it’s not surprising that they love to rock some drop earrings. Bringing sapphire into the power look can be a bold statement and is best reserved for occasions such as business, when you want to remain professional but powerful while still standing out.

#5: Going Big

Drop earrings come in many sizes, but if you’re looking to enhance the already powerful mix of sapphire and the drop style you can always opt to supersize it. This is a look that some of the more flamboyant celebrities, such as the indomitable Lady Gaga, can pull off without a second thought. Remember not to overdo it though, you don’t want to have the sense of having to rock hanging off your head, you simply want to tell the world that you won’t be ignored. Sapphire makes a big statement by itself, so with this combo you might as well be mixing dynamite.

#6: The Smaller Approach

Going with the opposite approach and keeping things small can say just as much, albeit not as loudly. With the smaller sapphire drop look you’re saying that you are subtle and beautiful, but also strong and confident.

#7: Multiple Drops

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more. If you’ve got your eye on an outfit that makes you feel like a true queen, you might want to add some fuel to the fire with multi-leveled sapphire drops. A two or even three-tiered earring says that you are fearless, bold and ready to take on the world. Though you should always keep context and situation in mind. A Christmas party is the perfect place for something like this. You’ll be a shining star in your own right with this look, and people will be asking where you got the ear candy.

#8: Mixing Styles

The sapphire drop earring is a statement no matter how you swing it, but you can find sets that mix several styles to create something really unique. You can find a set that mixes the drop and loop styles very well to create an unmistakable combo. If you have multiple holes in your ears you can create this look yourself with a set of large hoops in the upper holes and your sapphire drop earrings in the lower. There’s nothing wrong with getting creative. After all if you’re going to make a statement it may as well be as unique as you are.