Gold Sapphire Earrings! – A Jewelry Icon!

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Accessories are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. Your outfit may be the star of the show, but without the necessary accessories it might always look incomplete. They add beauty to your outfits. One of such accessories are earrings. Or to be even more specific, “GOLD SAPPHIRE EARRINGS”.

Sapphire is basically a type of gemstone made out of a material called corundum. These precious “beauties” are generally deep blue in color, but they might also be yellow, purple or orange. They are typically used in jewelry items like watches, earrings, pendants etc. Also, sapphire is a really hard stone with a strong durability. On the other hand, as we all know, gold is a precious metal, that is yellowish-orange in color, and used mostly in jewelry. It is a very soft and malleable metal that is usually mixed with other metals for holding its shape.


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Gold Saphire Earings

There is something really enchanting about SAPPHIRE. The deep blue gemstone, has a sparkle and elegance to it that cannot even be challenged. And how more beautiful can this gem get after you combine it with GOLD! The combination of the rich dark blue against the golden metal makes it more astonishing than you can ever imagine. If this does not spell out LUXURY, I don’t know what does!
Every year, we see hundred’s of trends, come in, and go out. Like the cold shoulder and off shoulder trend that has been quite the buzz recently or the “Choker”. But what happens after the trend has passed? Well, all the money you had spent on those things turns a little useless as new trends kick in and you start dressing up according to that. Which leaves the previous clothes just lying idle in you closet. And that is why, we need something called, “Timeless collections” that can be worn no matter how old they are because you know that they are never going to go out of style. Which is exactly what these GOLD SAPPHIRE EARRINGS are all about. An astonishing timeless piece that will always go along with the trend and jazz you up.

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Uses of Gold Saphire Earings

Once you own such a pair of GOLD SAPPHIRE EARRINGS, one thing you will realize is that they have numerous uses. We do have our basic neutrals like the blacks, the browns and the whites. But sapphire, in-spite of being a dark blue color, acts like a neutral as it goes well with almost everything. Because we all know how we buy tons and tons of jewelry that we rarely take out of the box, let alone wear. But that is certainly not the case with these earrings. They can be worn on every occasion and with every outfit. You may have a blingy green or a loud coral earring that is rusting in your dressing drawer right now, which you might have hardly used once. But that won’t be the case with these earrings because they can be used with every outfit.

You can use gold sapphire earrings to glam up, or just wear them on their own with a simple dress. You can pair these earrings with a plain white top to let the color of the stone shine through. Or you can wear these with a heavy party dress to just add a subtle accessory. Either way, they will complete your look. If you own long drop earrings, they can be utilized as a statement piece by wearing a simple outfit, minimal jewelry and typing up your hair or just keeping them very simple. This will ensure all the attention gets dragged to your ears.
No wonder, this is the reason why GOLD SAPPHIRE EARRINGS have become a classic piece in every wardrobe. This accessory is clearly one of those “all time favorites” that are good to go all the year around. These earrings may be in the form of simple studs or they may come in various other drop earrings styles. You can use the studs for office wear and formals, while the long ones can be saved for special occasions.

Quality and Beauty

Another fact that makes gold sapphire earrings so astonishing is their long lasting quality. Like any other precious stone or metal, sapphire and gold are going to last very long and may remain of the same quality if maintained well, that is not possible with any other normal earring.

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Leaving aside its magnificent beauty, we cannot ignore the royal charm these earrings add to anyone who wears them. The dark blue color and the delicacy of the gem, adds that extra “oomph” factor that we all search for. And as a matter of fact, even the Duchess of Cambridge, KATE MIDDLETON, adorns a beautiful sapphire ring on her hand. So do we need more proof of its royalty and charm than this? Gold sapphire earrings would also make an excellent choice of gift for someone, especially to someone who is getting married. Gold represents extravagance, prestige, abundance and prosperity. It is also a symbol of victory and masculinity. While sapphire represents love,loyalty, faith and integrity.

Yes, for a fact, gold sapphire earrings can be much more expensive. They may cost you quite a bit and turn out to be a little heavy on the pocket. But if you ask me, I just think they are worth the indulgence or expense. Because even if they cost a lot, they are a useful accessory which is not that commonly found. So owning one will make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd and might make other women around you want to buy that “little bundle of joy” too! After all, good things come in small packages! This can be thought of more as an investment than an expense.

At last all I can say is, that I think every woman needs such an iconic and astonishing statement GOLD SAPPHIRE EARRING in her collection. So definitely try to invest in one the next time you are out on a shopping spree! Such an astonishing piece not only makes you look beautiful, but also feel beautiful. And that is what fashion is all about!