What Makes Pink Sapphire Earrings So Unique?

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Pink Sapphire
There is nothing more fulfilling than wearing a perfect jewelry to complement your overall outfit. For many years, jewelry has served as the absolute symbol that defines feminism and social status making women feel confident and beautiful. Whether it’s earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, a magnificent item of jewelry is the most awesome gift you can always give to your sister, girlfriend or even mother.

Jewelry ornaments are made from a number of materials such as precious gems, diamonds, pearls and gold. However, today we are going to look at jewelries that are made from pink sapphire- a gem of pure minds and hearts. This post seeks to provide you with all the information regarding the pink sapphire gem and what makes it so unique and why it is a must have in your closet. Well, let’s jump into it!

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History of the pink Sapphires

Since the earliest of times, pink sapphires have been used as the ultimate symbol of love and romance. In Asian lore, pink sapphires have been compared to the consecrated lotus flower which signifies beauty, purity, and wisdom. In Ancient Rome, sapphire engagement rings were issued to brides by grooms to show their real intentions. And in Medieval Europe, pink sapphire earrings were worn by the royal family to show elegance and romance.

Though the history of pink sapphire jewelries dates back to centuries ago, the ornamental value of the gem is still upheld today. They are still viewed as ornate jewelry items that are worn by celebrities and royal families. Among the notable figures that have been spotted wearing the pink sapphire earrings include; her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II while giving her Christmas day speech in 2013 and Actress Amy Adams at the 2014 Oscar Awards.

Where are they from?

Pink sapphire is found in a handful of countries including Madagascar, Thailand, Australia, Kenya, China, Tanzania, Laos, just to mention a few. Most of these countries are conflict-free hence they represent a superlative quality. In Thailand and China, the art of sapphire mining is passed from father to son hence they produce some of the globe’s finest ethical pink sapphires.

What makes pink sapphire so unique?

September birthstones

Pink Sapphire earrings are worn on the 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries’ as they offer a more stunning look compared to the traditional blue sapphire. As the September birthstones, pink sapphire earrings are also ideal autumn birthday gifts. Similarly, their durability, delicate color, and symbolism also make them perfect for bridal jewelry and engagement rings.

Goes well with many colors

Pink sapphire earrings are always considered the “cherry on top” as their delicate fine color flatters all other outfits with exception of orange and bright red colors. For most women, a successful outfit ( whether denim or pinstripe suits) isn’t really complete without the pink sapphire earrings that make the classic chic look. Hence, a well-crafted pink sapphire earring blends well with blue, green, pink, and white clothing.

Affordable and rare

Diamond earrings prices are always afloat not by the virtue of rarity but by the manipulation of consumer marketing strategies. Pink sapphire earrings, on the other hand, are a complete opposite of diamond earrings. Pink sapphire earrings have a more reasonable price point as the sapphire industry has never really been monopolized making these rare gem ornaments affordable to many.

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Incredibly durable

The sapphire ore belongs to the corundum family of hard minerals which make the pink sapphire earrings to be strong and scratch resistant. This is probably why Apple has used synthetic sapphire(man-made sapphire) to make its Apple watches.

Increase value with time

The ultimate measure of a jewelry’s worth is its ability to increase value with time. Pink sapphire earrings have over the years been shattering records in auctions as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the ornamental and sentimental value attached to pink sapphire earrings, rings, and other fine jewelry. Thus, they are becoming more scarce thereby sky rocketing in worth over time.

They make the most unique  gift

Due to the sheer nature of variances in the hue of the pink sapphire, pink sapphire jewelries make the best unique gifts as inimitable as the relationship you have with your loved one. You can never get any other pair of pink sapphire earrings that are exactly alike in the world even if they share the same color making it a fully customized masterpiece.

Ethical choice

Sapphires are mined from small family owned mines, which makes it possible to trace all the benefits from their sales making them the most ethical choice among all other gem stones. Even though the Kimberley process was put in place to trace the flow of revenue from diamonds, it has remained difficult to do the same with sapphires. Thus, choosing pink sapphire earrings as your jewelry is the most ethical decision you can make as compared to other conflict precious stones.

Care for your pink sapphire earrings

Although pink sapphire earrings are sturdy, utmost care should be taken when cleaning all jewelries. The best way to polish pink sapphire earrings and other pink sapphire jewelries is to always use warm water with a touch of mild soap and a soft brush to scrub them. The cleaning should always be done in a bowl because washing over the sink could cause them to accidentally drop into the drain. After washing, it is vital to air dry them as exposing them to an intense and sudden heat or sunlight may greatly affect their crystal and color structure.

Buying guide for the best pink sapphires

When shopping for a pink sapphire, it is important to take the following into consideration so that you don’t get a raw deal:

Color; ensure you always go for the strong vivid color irrespective of the shade. Whether light pink or dark pink, the sapphire you are about to purchase should be seemingly vibrant.

Clarity: good quality sapphires are always translucent and sparkly, hence avoid those that look dull.

Natural: Try to go for the natural pink sapphire jewelries, if you can afford it, that have not been treated for the best value and durability. Treated sapphires are usually completely clear while natural ones have slight lines or inclusions that are hardly noticeable to the naked eyes. Treating sapphires greatly compromise the quality of the gem.