Why Are Sapphire And Diamond Earrings So Amazing?

sapphire and diamond earrings in a box

Essentials of Earrings

Earrings are probably the most important accessory that define a woman’s fashion statement. They complete the look and draw attention to the face and hair. So it is essential that this part of the jewelry gets considerable effort. Like all things feminine, earring shoppers these days are confronted with rows and rows of seemingly endless collections of exquisite earrings of varied minerals and precious stones. So many vivid colors and hues. So many models ranging from the tiniest studs to some outrageous danglers and chandeliers. Amidst all this carnival of colors, some stones manage to outshine them all and catch our eye….“the blue blooded sapphires and the sparkling diamonds.”

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Sapphire & Diamond Earrings

“Sapphire and diamond earrings” combine elegance and style, while bringing class to the entire ensemble. Like the blue eyed toddler that unfairly captivates a group of adults, sapphires with their natural rich hues of deep blue draw quite a bit of attention by themselves. When combined with a rim of diamonds, the color contrast of sparkling white encircling the blue stone manages to create a captivating piece of jewelry that no other metal combination can bring to the table. Sapphires and diamonds are a match set in heaven and don’t we approve!

First, lets check out a few of the other choices. Yellow metal on its own has not been fashionable since the 90’s. Gold is OLD! There. I said it! Practically no one looks their best wearing gold accessories ladies! There are simply better, less expensive options out there to make yourself stand out. So if you have been a “Go for Gold” person before, take a deep breath, dive now into sapphires and diamonds and you will never want to go back to yellow.

Platinum on the other hand, is admittedly quite gorgeous as a combination or as engagement rings, although sadly it has neither the eye-popping color hues of the Sapphires nor the natural brilliance of the diamonds. Those are qualities that practically define earrings. Earrings are meant to be attention grabbers. Period. So out goes gold and out goes platinum as good earring choices because nothing else blinds the eye and puts out a visual display like the sapphires and diamonds.

What about rubies you say? I hear you. The fiery red rubies are visually stunning and on par with the sapphires in the color contest. Having said that, the blood red color is too violent and aggressive and other than operating as encircling small pieces, rubies are seldom chosen as big centrepieces. So unless you have a great personal preference for red, royal blue takes this round.

sapphire and diamond earrings stud


“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” as Marilyn Monroe once sang. And Diamonds are forever. That is no marketing gibberish. Diamonds are the hardest minerals we come across and rest assured that once bought, they will outlast seven generations of a family and more. They are quite the family heirloom one can pass on to their daughters proudly. Diamonds bring with them a panache, a true brilliance and sparkle unlike any other stone. They are the undisputed symbol of eternal love and the jewel of jewels.


Sapphires, the September stone are second to only diamonds in terms of hardness and ever lasting durability. They are uniquely colored amongst all the other gem stones. Other than the well known blue ones, there are other equally elegant and stunning hues of orange and pink, mild green, strong green and purple hues. Sapphires are the symbolic gemstone of royalty, nobility and the affluent. It is therefore of no big surprise that they have found their way into the mix as the center stones of jewelry, in some instances displacing the much revered diamonds. Overall, diamonds are much loved for their unmatched dazzle and sapphires for their color.

People have finally woken up to the elegance of the Sapphires. Even celebrity rings now prominently figure sapphires, Kate Middleton and Penelope Cruz are prominent examples of the celebrity fashion world’s switch to sapphires. Sapphire and Diamond earrings are absolutely unique in their matching and draw oodles of attention to the wearer. No other gems can get you that kind of attention as the Sapphire blues or pinks would. This is why they are so amazing. There is no substitute to the ravishing blue and white contrast that makes them so fashionable.

If you are a clueless boyfriend / husband in the market for your girl, congratulations because you are now well equipped with the right information to make an informed choice to buy sapphire and diamond earrings for her, and not some tacky gold ones. She is going to be very happy with your selection.

Who is most suited for sapphire and diamond earrings? Practically everyone. In fact the only ones who would be better off with other earrings are the introverts who want to keep a low profile at a gathering. Make no mistake, if you are at a social gathering adorned with these babies and for some reason, hoping to get away without much notice, you have got a surprise in store.

If you have short hair that shows off your neckline and bares your ears, sapphire and diamond studs is the way to go. They will stand out like stars and you can unashamedly bask in their reflected glory. Brunettes will find that the sparkling orange-toned ??Padparadscha’ sapphires of Sri Lanka will help accentuate highlights from dark hair. Redheads would be amiss if they lose out on the natural contrast that the true ??cornflower’ blue sapphires with diamonds would offer to red hair. Sapphires and diamonds are all about the light and contrast. Get the winning combination right to complement your face and hair.

So next time you want to make a true blue fashion statement that is bold and daring yet strongly feminine, whip out those fashionable sapphire and diamond earrings and wear them like the diva that you are. Because everyone deserves to be a head turner and don’t let a wrong choice of earrings leave all that effort to appear fabulous be in vain.